Coal seam gas

Resources about coal seam gas.

Download the brochure: "Coal seam gas: What is it? Why does the church care? How can you respond?"

"Coal and Gas in your Community: A Mission Study Guide for Congregations" is now also available. The Guide has been produced by Uniting Earth Ministry to help churches engage in mission in the context of proposed coal and gas projects. It is a response to congregations asking for help with resources to understand and respond to the significant increase in mining projects across NSW in recent years. 

Information and campaigning links

A great introductory series of infographics (used in our Synod presentation) is at

The Australia Institute -

ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change) - 

Lock the Gate Alliance -

The Wilderness Society - -

The Carbon Tracker Initiative -

Friends of the Earth -

Exposing the risks: Fundamental Flaws in AGL's application to frack CSG wells in Gloucester -