Bible and ecology eseminar. Accessing the resources

Accessing the resources

Whether you missed the event, or want to reaccess the talks, you'll find the talks below.


In recent years, in the context of growing ecological awareness, biblical scholars have been working to move beyond human-focused perspectives and read the Bible with a deliberate sympathy for the wider Earth community. In this full-day webinar, we will hear from scholars around the country about reading the Bible through “ecological eyes”, and will practise applying such lenses to scripture.

You are invited to join a hub in each state, or organise a small group in your local area to join in. It will also be possible to connect in as an individual, but we recommend coming along to enjoy the benefits of face to face interaction.

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MC, Dr Miriam Pepper 


Setting the Context, Rev. Dr Jason John (Sydney)

or read the talk.



Introduction to Method, Dr Anthony Rees (Sydney)

Listen to an audio, and/or read a summary of the talk.


Genesis – Bishop Dr George Browning (Canberra)


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Isaiah – Rev Assoc. Prof. Monica Melanchthon (Melbourne)


Most of the audio is missing, so I had to remove this one (low quality- recorded live)



Luke – Dr Anne Elvey (Melbourne)





John – Rev. Prof. William Loader (Perth)

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Romans – Rev. Dr Vicky Balabanski (Adelaide)







Summation- Rev. Dr Clive Pearson (Sydney)


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