Eco-Sermon Competition Details

Eco-Sermon Competition

Uniting Earth Ministry (Synod of NSW/ACT) is inviting all preachers to brush up their sermon skills and submit an entry to our Eco-Sermon Competition!

The sermon topic is: 

“What does it mean to live a faithful life in the present context of our changing awareness of the place of human beings within the whole creation?”

Feel free to make your sermon as creative and unusual as you like to communicate your message. The only restrictions are that when you deliver your sermon it must take only 8 minutes to present, and you must include 4 discussion questions for the audience to engage with after your sermon. 

We are inviting entries from:

Beginners - those who have never (or rarely) preached on environmental or eco-theological topics

Intermediates - those who have some experience preaching in this area

Advanced - lecturers, theologians and those who have experience preaching regularly with environmental themes

Video entries - if you cannot make it to the 'preach off' event at UTC (see below), please enter via video. 

To make it fair, we will ask all entrants to pick which of these categories best fits them, for them to compete against, but we also reserve the right to enrol you in a different category if we judge this necessary. 

Selected entries, as chosen by our judges, will be invited to compete in a 'Preach-Off' event at United Theological College, North Parramatta on the evening of Monday 5th of June, gathering at 6pm for a 6:30pm start.

This will be an opportunity for these entrants to present their sermons in the best and most engaging way that they can, to the gathered audience. 

A panel of judges will select the best entries in each category based on their eco-theology, message, persuasiveness/inspirational element, presentation and how thought provoking they are. 

The audience will also be invited to vote for a 'People's Favourite'. 

Entries can be submitted as text or a video presentation (for example if you live outside Sydney and cannot attend the event). 

Ecumenical and interstate entries are very welcome. 

To enter, please submit entries by Monday 22nd of May 2017. Text entries (for preaching at the event if selected) can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For video entries – please upload your video to your preferred hosting service e.g. YouTube or VimeoThen post a link to the video on the NSW/ACT Uniting Earth Ministry Group Facebook page or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please also email Jessica any questions. 


 This is a Christian "competiton," so we're creating an online community of entrants from any category, who would like to workshop their sermon outlines, opening few minutes etc, so that we can encourage each other and come up with the best sermons we can.  We will run it through FB initially, and either use FB chat or UE's teleconferencing to meet live, probably fortnightly from late April.