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Community Climate Petition

To call on Australia to act more urgently for climate justice, a group of organisations have launched a Community Climate Petition that aims to be the largest coordinated multi-electorate petition in Australia's history.

Working with churches, schools, campus & community groups between now and August 7th, they aim to raise 150 community climate petitions (one in every electorate across the country) and present them to politicians and in Parliament.

These petitions will be presented at a time when the Government is reviewing its own climate change policies and also considering adopting stronger targets to take to the United Nations international climate conference in 2018.

The Uniting Church around Australia is suporting this ecumenical project and hoping to collect as many community signatures as possible. We hope all of our churches will help out by collecting signatures from their congregations, and their communities. 

How to help:

Register - To make this as effective as we can we need to coordinate who is doing what and where. It’s therefore really important that you register here.
Your details will only be used for this campaign.

After registering, you will be sent the specific petition for your electorate.

When you register there are two options:

You can become a Principal Petitioner – this is someone who is willing to have their name on the petition and is involved in helping to organise the handover event with the MP
You can become a Community Organiser – this is someone who collects signatures on the petition in their church, school, and / or community.
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