Cafe Church goes green

Cafe Church Glebe is applying for a grant to save energy and water.

Concerned by the fact that climate change is already impacting the lives and livelihoods of the world's poorest people, Glebe Café Church is applying for the latest round of Community Savers Grants offered by the NSW Government. This will involve installing and monitoring a range of water and energy saving measures at the Café Church space and sharing what is learnt through the process with the wider community.

Café Church Community Development Worker, Steph Gesling says, “I recently learnt that our country is one of the worst polluters of the atmosphere per capita. I believe part of the response by our churches and by individuals needs to be a reorientation, away from consumerist lifestyles, toward finding ways of sharing our resources with the world's poor, and living more sustainably and responsibly with God's creation”.

Café Church runs a Fruit and Vege Cooperative, which provides people with cheap, seasonal, local produce cutting down on fuel and other costs involved with the transportation and retail of fresh produce. To further reduce Café Church’s ecological footprint the Cafe Church Social and Environmental Justice Team and other church volunteers are hoping to install water efficient taps and showerheads, lighting, a solar hot water system, ceiling insulation, door snake draught seals, information posters and ‘switch off’ stickers, to remind people to turn off lights. These measures will save around 61,000 litres water and more than 8 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.