Delilah the water tank

'Project Green Church' is an initiative of Maroubra Junction Uniting Church. Its goals are to make the church more environmentally sustainable and to inspire others to follow this example.  Introducing 'Delilah', a water tank which services the church! 

When we began Project Green Church, we looked at ways we could conserve our water usage. As a result we installed a 5000 ltr water tank, which services our three toilets and a garden tap. In July 2006 we installed a 5000 litre water tank that services the toilets for our preschool and our garden hose. We received subsidies totalling $2550 from Randwick City Council and Sydney Water. This simple step saves our church hundreds of litres per day.

The water tank mural

We appreciated our water tank, which we have affectionately named Delilah, but it was obvious that she was kind of on the homely side. So after watching a documentary about Sydney hip hop and graffiti artist Mistery on ABC’s Compass program we contacted Mistery and asked him if he’d like to help us beautify Delilah with a mural. We chose the image of the “Woman at the Well” not only for it’s water symbology but also for it’s strong social justice message. The woman at the well was a foreigner, a Samaritan who at the time were considered the arch enemies of the Jews. Moreover she was a woman alone at midday which meant she was even outcast from her own community. According the traditions of the time Jesus should not have spoken to her but he subverted this convention and reached out to her in the form of a teaching. So by using this image we are trying to send the message that we believe in equality, inclusiveness and justice for the marginalised.