Springwood Uniting Church receives a Community Water Grant

Springwood Uniting Church goes green in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, having received a Community Water grant for water harvesting.

Rev. Janice Freeston explained how disappointed she and the congregation were when the application for a Community Water Grant was not successful on 2007. 'So much thought and expense had gone into the development of the project,' she said,  'Imagine our surprise and delight when on 14 October, 2008 we received news that it had been granted.  Now the hard work begins.'

'The grant is for $50.000 from the Commonwealth Governmwent with the Springwood Uniting Church agreeing to match this sum in kind, labour and/or maintenance.  This ambitious project will enable the  Church to further its efforts to become a green  church  - an example to the members of the congregation and the community of the urgent need to be good stewards of our planet.'

The project is in three stages.

Stage 1: To install two slimline 7.000L tanks on the eastern side of the church to  harvested from the roof.  This water to be used for the  gardens.

Stage 2: To install one large 23.000L approx  tank on the western side of the church to harvest water from the roof.  This water is to be retro-fitted to the downstairs toilets in the Day Care Centre.  Dual flush toilets have already been installed in these toilets and a new water thirsty washing machine has replaced the old one.

Stage 3: Storm water from the lower carpark is to be harvested into a 50.0000L+ tank below the level of the carpark.  This  water will be used try to restore the bush land between the carpark and the creek.  At present the runoff from the carpark goes into the stormwater drain untreated.  This water will also be a resource for use in times of  bushfire.

The first action which must taken is to submit a Development Application to the Blue Moountains City Council.  The project is to be  commenced within 12 months.

The church members are pleased to become partners with the Commonwealth Government in this important project. ' Rev Freeston said.