Neutral Bay's award-winning garden

Neutral Bay Uniting Church, on Sydney's North Shore, has a flourishing award-winning community garden.

Our Basic Belief

  • “Use what we have to the fullest potential without wasting anything and whilst being environmentally friendly.” 

Garden Overview

  • Our garden is situated on the corner of Yeo and Barry Streets ... on a very long and narrow strip of unused lawn.
  • We now have 20 households of active gardeners.
  • Our garden is enjoyed by individuals of all ages. The children from the Children’s Learning Centre water the garden every Tuesday and Thursday and learn the basics of planting, gardening and composting, whilst adults, seniors and families enjoy the therapeutic benefits of both actively gardening and simply relaxing in the garden.
  • We have over 100 varieties of fruits, vegetables, fragrant plants, succulents and herbs.
  • Cafe Zallura provides us with their used coffee grounds to

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Our Recent Projects Include:

Project #1: Top 10 Sustainability Tips
We recently installed ten “Top 10 Sustainability Tips” signs throughout the garden. These tips give the community ideas on things that they can do to be sustainable at home.

sust tips


Project #2: Turn Junk into a Community Garden Exchange
We recently installed a “Share the Harvest” community garden exchange kiosk, which invites neighbours to bring something from their home garden and take what they like from ours. This kiosk and frame are made out of junk! The structure is an old rabbit hutch that we found in a council clean-up, the used frame was donated by a friend. We added broken gardening tools to the frame and painted the lot with left over paint donated by a friend.

share harvest


Project #3: Partner with a Local Business to Create a Hanging Orchid & Fern Garden
We approached Bunnings Artarmon and got them to provide 10 orchids, 10 hanging baskets and soil for a hanging orchid and fern garden, which is situated in our liquid amber tree.

fern garden


Project #4: Add Energy Efficient Lights throughout Garden
We recently installed phase 1 of our lighting plan. By using energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate, the Hanging Orchid and Fern Garden, the Fragrance Grove and Herb Labyrinth, we were able to keep the incremental electricity down to under $15 for the year. This allows neighbours and passers-by to enjoy the garden well into the night. After receiving a special grant from UnitingCare Ageing, we will soon install Phase 2, which will light up the Barry Street section.



Project #5: Install Fragrance Grove
We extended the garden eastward by establishing a garden dedicated to fragrant shrubs and flowers. This garden features a bird bath and 2 glider benches. We will soon be adding a fish pond to this garden.

fragrance grove


Project #6: Jhett’s Passionfruit Tunnel
This much loved feature was the brainchild of seven year old Jhett Stanton. With big openings left to light the Citrus Grove underneath, this tunnel gives the passionfruit extra space to spread out and flourish.