Ways to be part of God's reconciliation and renewal of creation in your food practices - in how you produce, procure and share food.  Includes community gardening, community supported agriculture, fair trade, shared meals and more.

Growing Mission with Community Food

"Growing Mission with Community Food: A practical resource for church congregations" is for churches interested in community food initiatives such as community gardens, food buying groups, community supported agriculture and more.

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Run your own meal and movie night

The Ethical Consumer Group now has a movie library with 50 DVDs on various themes such as consumerism, corporations, climate change, factory farming, genetic engineering, peak oil, waste, and worker exploitation, available for borrowing.

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Save the World, One Cup at a Time, with Fair Trade

Want a relatively easy way to help the environment and poor farmers in developing nations? If you don’t already do so, buying Fairtrade products such as tea, coffee and chocolate for your church and home is a great way to start.

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