Save the World, One Cup at a Time, with Fair Trade

Want a relatively easy way to help the environment and poor farmers in developing nations? If you don’t already do so, buying Fairtrade products such as tea, coffee and chocolate for your church and home is a great way to start.

By purchasing products that carry the Fairtrade Certified label (below) you can ensure that the small farmers who produced the products have received at least a minimum price that is higher than the cost of sustainable production; a premium to invest in their development; and that the production of that product has met a set of strict environmental standards.

You can also go a step further by having your church registered as a Fair Trade Faith Group. To download the guidelines and application form see:

Make your fellowship time a bit sweeter… for the whole world.

To see the Fairtrade Environmental standards visit: and click on Generic Standards for Small Farmer’s Organisations to download the document.

To find fair trade products near you visit: