Growing Mission with Community Food

"Growing Mission with Community Food: A practical resource for church congregations" is for churches interested in community food initiatives such as community gardens, food buying groups, community supported agriculture and more.

Food, who gets to share it, and how it is produced, are as important questions for the church today as they were for Jesus in his ministry.  Our food system in Australia and worldwide is in crisis.  Overuse of the Earth’s resources, environmental degradation, and climate change threaten business as usual.  Enormous amounts of food are wasted even as close to a billion go hungry.  Farmers are walking off their farms and committing suicide. 

What are community food initiatives?

Community food initiatives – which are about communities working to feed themselves – are a part of the answer.  These initiatives include community gardens, farmers markets, food buying groups, community supported agriculture and more.  And they are taking off in cities and towns across Australia.

What are the benefits of community food initiatives?

Do you want to reinvigorate your church’s mission and purpose?  By getting involved in a community food initiative, your church can:

  • Build relationships with the local community
  • Care for God’s creation in a hands-on practical way
  • Serve and equip the needy and marginalised
  • Support farmers in your region
  • Make responsible and creative use of church land

What is in the “Growing Mission with Community Food” resource?

The resource includes:

  • Information about community food initiatives
  • Guidelines to help churches get involved in community gardens, community supported agriculture and food buying groups
  • Suggestions for other initiatives such as garden share, food swaps and grow zones

Who produced the resource?

The guide has been prepared by the Uniting Eco Group (UEG).  Uniting Earthweb is a network of Uniting Church people within NSW and the ACT who work for a greater connection between ecology and Christian faith and practice.  The UEG is a small group who meets regularly to support the development of Uniting Earthweb.  

Does the UEG offer any further support to help churches with community food initiatives?

The UEG is able to provide phone support for your church as you consider and embark on a community food initiative.  We may also be available to speak in person at Presbytery meetings.  Please contact us.


Growing Mission with Community Food leaflet (two double-sided A5 leaflets to an A4 page)
Growing Mission with Community Food full resource