Our Land Our Water Our Future campaign

The Our Land, Our Water, Our Future campaign aims to protect important agricultural land, water resources, biodiversity and human health from coal and gas mining.  The Uniting Eco Group supports this campaign.

Our-Land-Our-Water-Our-Future-300x104Communities across NSW are under siege from coal and gas. These industries are destroying some of our best farmland and special wild places, polluting and depleting our clean water and harming our health.

When rural and regional communities find themselves facing coal mines and gas fields at their door step, the rules in NSW tip the scales in favour of large multinational mining companies. Time and again we have seen the financial and political muscle of the coal and gas industries trample over the rights of communities. In some cases, whole communities have simply disappeared off the map.

Coal and gas companies have far too much influence over the NSW government and the rules are rigged in their favour.

The Our Land, Our Water, Our Future campaign builds a common voice for the countless communities that are standing up to protect the places they love. Our goal is to achieve legislative reform that would see no-go zones put in place to protect farmland and rural industries, our water resources, special wild places, and residential communities from coal and gas.

Alongside this, we want the government to restore the community's fundamental rights: the right of landowners to refuse coal and gas companies access to their land, the right of local councils to veto mining, and the rights of communities to appeal against coal and gas projects that would damage their land, water and futures.

Visit the campaign website and find out how you can get involved.