Starting your own faith community - what I learned from ecofaith

If you're part of the church, but feel a growing discontentment at the way things are done most Sundays, why not create a community which better reflects the insights about God which you think are important, in a way which helps embed those insights into your daily living?

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Who do you want to be when you grow up? Climate Change Address

Address to the People's climate march 29 Nov 2015, Coffs Harbour, by Rev. Dr Jason John, Uniting Earth Ministry, Uniting Church

This isn't addressed to everyone, because not everyone is contributing to climate change, or benefitting from global warming. But we know who we are.

Who do we want to be when we grow up? (and we need to grow up- quickly!)

Are we going to be like that bastard Noah, who built his ark and left everyone else to drown as the sea rose? If we're ok it's all ok?

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