Season of Creation- Forests (7 Sep 2014)

 A collection of videos to go with Forests Sunday.  Sermon: Genesis 2 and humans as servants and protectors of God's Garden.  The Fall is less important to jesus than "the Fool." Church story: The UCA in VicTas and the illegal logging campaign.  All ages: learn about the "lungs of the Earth."  Extra song: Andrew Dutney "Leave the tree alone."

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Jason John.  Lucky God had good earth, not clearfell forest soil, to create humans in Genesis 2.  This story sees us as as servants and protectors of God's Garden.  Exegetical reasons not to take Genesis 2 or 3 literally.  Jesus is more interested in the Rich Fool than the Fall anyway (see below for discussion starters).



Cath James: The Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania led a successful campaign to combat illegal logging.  People from churches and other groups across the country were involved. Cath James, Environmental Project Officer with the Synod's Justice and International Mission Unit, talks about the campaign.



David Whitson:  Trees are the lungs of the earth.  Take a deep breath and learn about the importance of trees.



Andrew Dutney song from the 80s, when people thought about the huge nuclear arsenal which still exists in the world.   Invitation to humans to accept our limits (leave the tree alone)


Ge 2:4-9,15-17
Psalm 139:13-16
Romans 8:18-27
Luke 12: 13-34


Ge 2 creation story, tree of knowledge
woven in mothers womb/depths of earth
creation groans/waits with eager longing. God helps us pray when we are overwhelmed
parable of rich fool, consider the lilies



Discussion starters from sermon



1. “God is entirely and personally present in the garden, field, wilderness (Luther).” Do you agree?  Have you experienced God’s presence in one of these places?

2. In Genesis 2 we are created to serve and protect God’s garden, unlike Genesis 1/9.  How does the idea of us as the garden’s servant protectors sit with you?

3. Jesus was far more interested in the (rich) Fool than the Fall.  Do you agree and what does that mean for us as his followers today?

4. Perhaps we have another decade to repent of the rich fool within us all.  What would that look like in your community?



liturgy (standard upload)




A pdf version of the liturgy prepared for Project Reconnect.  Adapt freely.