Season of Creation- Land (14 Sep 2014)

 A collection of videos to go with Land Sunday. 

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Rev. Neville Naden, Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.  Rev. Naden reflects on the readings for Land Sunday in the Season of Creation.  Adam and Eve in the Garden, the Fall and Cain and Abel.  Hope in the ressurected Christ.  

Thanks to Tom Stuart from Project Reconnect for the intro titles.



Rev. Naden's reflection at Synod 2013.  God was at work amongst nations other than the Israelites.  Ultimately faith and salvation for all people is in our risen Lord and the transforming gospel.



A group of Christians returned to the Leard Blockade for the second time in June 2014, to try to stop the construction of Whitehaven's Maules Creek coal mine and the destruction of Leard State Forest. In this interview they explain their motivation.




We dont have a video for this week, but you could try the story from the original SoC website.



Peter Mayer with kind permission.  God is found not just in church, but everywhere.



Andrew Dutney Ashes to Ashes.  Our kinship with all Life.  Where are the visions of hope for the Earth?  Good lead into discussion or intercession.


Questions from Reflection


How would you relate human sin and the suffering/curse of the land?

Do you feel more part of Earth (Ge2- Adam from Adamah) or estranged from Earth (Genesis 3)- or both?

Do you, like the psalmist, find God everywhere?

"If insects disappeared, all of life on earth would end. If humans disappeared all forms of life would flourish."  How does this relate to your faith? 



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There are also a number of Land liturgies at the official Season of Creation website