Season of Creation- Wilderness (21 Sep 2014)

 A collection of videos to go with Wilderness Sunday.

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Sue Kaldor from New River Leadership reflects on why Wilderness is so important for our faith, and in the scriptures.  There are questions to go with it here



Embracing an opportunity to leave everything they know to hike for 10 days through challenging terrain, these boys find themselves unexpectedly facing their demons. Filmmaker Joshua Wyatt journeys alongside the boys as a fellow-trekker, capturing the unique physical and emotional challenges that each boy experiences. The wisdom and insight they gain is truly inspiring. Take this journey with these Bidwill boys and see how they grow with every step of their pilgrimage. Let them speak to you and challenge your sense of direction.




We dont have a video for this week, but you could try the story from the original SoC website.




Sinead O’Connor- “ I do not want what I haven’t got.”  (youtube).  The visuals wont help, so blank the screen.  Or download audio from itunes. Alternatively, you could just download the lyrics and read some of them. In worship I often edit out the “bluebird” verse


Joel 1:8-10,17-20
Psalm 18:6-19
Romans 8:18-27
Matthew 3:13 – 4:2 or Mark 1:9-13



 Jesus baptised and led into wilderness.  (in Mark the wild beasts are with him)


Questions from the sermon



1. Remember an experience being in a wilderness. Share your experiences of this physical place.

2. Remember an experience of spiritual wildness. Share your experiences of this spiritual place.

3. Discuss the experience of wilderness for your congregation and what that means in relate to Sue’s message.

4. How does Sue’s reflection on wilderness become a part of our caring for those beyond the Christian community?



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