Season of Creation- Oceans (4 Sep 2016)

 A collection of videos and support materials to go with Ocean Sunday (September 4).

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New video resources for 2016 are shown first, followed by resources from 2013.

PRAY FOR OUR PACIFIC: In the first two weeks of September, 350 Pacific is inviting churches to be part of praying for the Pacific in September, which you can do by using these resources, which have a particular focus on oceans, the Pacific, and climate change. You can use the tag #PrayForOurPacific to let others know. You can also go to to register your participation and get even more resources.

TAKE ACTION: Throughout the Season of Creation we encourage you to switch to energy providers that do more to help shift our economy to renewable energy. This is an action idea that came out of the “open space” sessions at Synod 2016. For more information visit



A short sermon for Ocean Sunday by Tau’alofa Anga'aelangi. Lofa is a first generation Tongan-Australian, and a candidate to the minister of Deacon. Lofa speaks about the relationship of Pacific peoples to the ocean, and she challenges us to embrace the concept of tauhi Vā, or reciprocity, in our relationship with the rest of Creation. To see ourselves as part of the big family of life. Video provided with thanks to Lofa and Project Reconnect.

  ALL AGES TALK (2016)

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LITURGY (2016)

Written specifically to accompany and introduce the video resources from 2016 above.

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Job 38:1-18
Psalm 104:1-9, 24-26
Ephesians 1:3-10
Luke 5:1-11


God speaks to Job from the heart of the storm
The vast expanse of the sea teems with creatures
God brings all things together through Christ
Simon, James and John catch an abundance of fish




1. What was one main point that stood out for you from the speaker’s message?
2. How do you respond to the idea that biblical texts aren’t always centred on human needs?
3. What might it mean for your church to include all Creation in your God conversations?
4. How might you raise awareness in your local community about forced migration from rising seas?



PRAYER (2016)

A prayer by Archbishop Winston Halapua of the Diocese of Polynesia, Anglican Church of Aotearoa/New Zealand this prayer offers prayers for the creatures of our exploited oceans, for communities affected by rising seas, for the communities of the Pacific who are at the frontlines of climate change, and for a renewed relationship of love and care for the Earth.


Download words and demo recording


Words and a demo recording.




The Ocean is not our home. It's a mystery, and a metaphor for God. Isaac Newton as a child on the ocean shore: most of the depths are beyond him. God beyond understanding and control. Jewish people feared oceans and chaos, Fear of God. Ocean also refreshing, calming, as is God. Oceans also exist in and of themselves, as a home to countless creatures. Neighbours in the ocean. How do we decide how to share the oceans resources? We tend to only think about the "economy" and human need. 



Joan Howlett, from Coffs Harbour Uniting Church, recounts the story of her arrest whilst resisting the illegal attempt by the then Coffs Harbour City Council to construct a sewer outfall pipeline across the Emerald Beach headland, twenty years ago.




“Where Albatross Soar”. Reading of a children’s book by Brian Knowles about waves and storms. Written for kids who fall in love with the sea and to help kids to appreciate and explore nature in all of her glory. The book reading starts at 1:26.



There Once Was an Island

The Hungry Tide