Season of Creation- Flora/Fauna (11 Sep 2016)

A collection of videos and support materials to go with Flora and Fauna Sunday (September 11).

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New video resources for 2016 are shown first, followed by resources from 2013.

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A short sermon for Flora and Fauna Sunday by Pastor Ray Minniecon. Ray is from the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, and Scarred Tree Ministries. He reflects on the theme of our familial relationship with all of God’s creatures. He also encourages us to reflect on the relationship between first and second peoples in Australia, and wonders whether we should stick to saying “Creator” instead of “God” to emphasise God’s nature. He invites us “back to the beginning,” to remember the goodness of creation, and to remember that salvation is something for God’s whole earth, not just our individual souls.

(bonus clip) Pastor Ray Minniecon reflects on the parallels between the book of Job, and the situation and treatment of Aboriginal Australians, and the importance of remembering the whole Creation when we talk about Salvation.

(or you can watch the two clips merged into one 13 minute reflection)

  ALL AGES TALK (2016)

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LITURGY (2016)

Written specifically to accompany and introduce the video resources from 2016 above.

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Job 39:1-8, 26-30
Psalm 104:14-23
1 Corinthians 1:10-23
Luke 12:22-31


"Are you why the soaring hawk flies south?" asks God.
God provides for the creatures
Paul preaches of Christ crucified - the power and wisdom of God
Do not worry - consider the lilies




1. Does Ray’s overall message match the way you see our relationship with Creation? Why/why not?
2. Ray prefers “Creator” to “God,” what name for God is most important to you?
3. How does this congregation show its care for creation?
4. How would you characterize the relationship between First Nation people and subsequent arrivals in this community?
5. What does it mean that Jesus opening, “Do not worry,” closes with, “sell your possessions… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also?”




Animals inside. A very basic introduction to the idea that our brains are comprised of elements of simpler animal brains, which still influence us, in helpful and unhelpful ways. Paul's "Body of death" and other Christians' belief in demons inside us are now better explained by the metaphor of "animals inside"

This started as the "all ages" reflection, but ended up a full length one.



Discipleship as ethical meat eating, or vegetarianism. Jason John.  Warning, brief scenes of animal factory "farming".  This reflection also works for Blessing of the Animals Sunday.



Over several years, Charlestown Anglican Parish has rehabilitated section of Winding Creek Gully adjacent to the St Alban's church. This is their story.




Eco Wonders: Trees are the lungs of the Earth. Take a deep breath and learn about the importance of trees with David Whitson.



Eco Wonders: David Whitson talks about the Earth as home for Earth's creatures, including humans and frogs.



Eco Wonders: David Whitson shares a tale about the clearing of a forest to make way for a factory, and the return of the forest once the factory is closed.



From the Renewal DVD. This story is about a Jewish environment camp in the USA. This snippet doesn't give much away, but the story on the DVD is excellent, and would make a great public showing, or perhaps interfaith discussion opportunity.

If you are in Australia and want to show the DVD to a group we may be able to lend or sell you a copy. Contact us.