Season of Creation- Storms (18 Sep 2016)

A collection of videos and support materials to go with Storm Sunday (September 18).

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New video resources for 2016 are shown first, followed by resources from 2013.

TAKE ACTION: Throughout the Season of Creation we encourage you to switch to energy providers that do more to help shift our economy to renewable energy. This is an action idea that came out of the “open space” sessions at Synod 2016. For more information visit



A short sermon for Storm Sunday by the Rev. Dr Stephen Robinson, who is the National Disaster Recovery Officer of the UCA. He speaks fresh from his work in Tuvalu- one of the most obvious canaries in the coal mine of climate change. They are a vulnerable people, a small ship on a violent sea, and yet convinced that Jesus is in the boat with them.

  ALL AGES TALK (2016)

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LITURGY (2016)

Written specifically to accompany and introduce the video resources from 2016 above.

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Job 28:20-27
Psalm 29
1 Corinthians 1:21-31
Luke 8:22-25


Where does one find wisdom?
The glory of God thunders over the raging seas
Paul preaches Christ crucified - the power and wisdom of God
Jesus calms the storm




1. How did you react to the images the speaker used?
2. Can you relate to a time when you felt forgotten in a boat rocked by other people?
3. What is the best part of sharing a boat with Jesus and the crew of your faith community?
4. How can an awareness of the situation of the church in Tuvalu affect the way your church lives?




Miriam Pepper reflects on God in the storm. Draws on Job 28: 20–27, Psalm 29 and Luke 8: 22–25.



Dorothy Creek, from the Lockhart Uniting Church and the Riverina Presbytery, tells the story of the March 2012 floods in the Riverina and how the churches responded.




“Where Albatross Soar”. Reading of a children’s book by Brian Knowles about waves and storms. Written for kids who fall in love with the sea and to help kids to appreciate and explore nature in all of her glory. The book reading starts at 1:26.



From the Renewal DVD. In coastal Mississippi, pollution from the chemical and petroleum industries has for decades caused elevated levels of disease - nervous disorders, asthma and cancer - in African American and other poor communities. Then, the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina made these medical problems even worse. Now, through their churches, citizens are finding inspiration to conduct their own health surveys, to demand accountability from industry and to insist on action by government officials.

If you are in Australia and want to show the DVD to a group we may be able to lend you a copy. Contact us.