Season of Creation- Humanity 2015

 A collection of videos to go with Humanity Sunday (September 13).

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New video resources for 2015 are shown first, followed by resources from 2012.




A short sermon by Adi Mariana Waqa, for Humanity Sunday, based on focus readings Genesis 1:26-28, and 2:7-8, 15, 19.  Mariana is a student at the United Theological College.  Her main academic interests include Old Testament studies, Oceanic hermeneutics, church history, Patristic theology and ethics/ecotheology.  Video provided with thanks to Mariana and Project Reconnect.


ALL AGES (2015)

A short all ages talk by Maria Williams, for Sky Sunday.  Video provided with thanks to Maria and Project Reconnect.


Discussion starters from sermon/message


1. How do you as a Christian understand and reconcile (if possible) the two creation stories in Genesis?

2. How does language affect the way that we view our surroundings?

3. Does using the word “creation” encourage a sense of connection or accountability for the natural world?

4. How might your community develop this sense of connection or accountability?




What does it mean to be a human being? This reflection offers four possibilities, based on Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Jesus' thoughts on being a neighbour, and the evolutionary story which imagines us as family: perhaps the prodigal son.  With Jason John.



An expansion on the adult reflection: what it means to be human according to Genesis 1 (all equal in God's sight, but Lord's of the creation which was given to us), and then Genesis 2 (here as servants and protectors of God's garden).  With Jason John.




An expansion the adult reflection: what it means to be human according to the story of our origins found in the theory of biological evolution. For example, Genesis says that humans caused pain and death (literally or metaphorically), evolution says that pain and death have always existed, and are part of the processes that created humanity.



Reconciliation people: A statement by the National Young Adult leaders conference in the UCA. It's their response to an invitation to write an updated Statement to the Nation.



Miriam Pepper brings us a story about the Gymea Miranda Uniting Church community garden.



The Bellingen Community takes on the RTA, insisting that they should participate in the decisions made about putting the road through the local camerons corner wetland (dominion) and stating emphatically that the wetland should be completely avoided (serving and protecting). Though they don't use those words.

An example of the MNC Uniting Church ecoministry collaboration with "others of good will."


Genesis 1:26-28
Psalm 8
Philippians 2:1-8
Mark 10:41-45



God creates humankind in God's image
God, how majestic is your name in all the Earth!
Be united in your love, value others over yourselves
Anyone who aspires to greatness must serve the rest



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LITURGY (2012)

Written specifically to accompany and introduce the 2012 video resources above.

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