Season of Creation- Sky 2015

 A collection of videos to go with Sky Sunday (September 20).

[[DOWNLOADING THE VIDEOS]]  If you dont have a video download manager, you can right click on the video and "save video url."  Then visit a site like and paste the url into the text box.  You will then be able to choose a download format.

New video resources for 2015 are shown first, followed by resources from 2012.




A short sermon by Byron Smith, for Sky Sunday, based on focus readings Genesis 2:7, Romans 13:10, and Romans 8:18-27.  Byron is completing a PhD in theological ethics on emotional responses to climate change, and is Assistant Minister at St George's Anglican Church, Paddington.  He frequently speaks and writes to Christians about following Jesus in the context of climate change and ecological degradation. Video provided with thanks to Byron and Project Reconnect.


ALL AGES (2015)

A short all ages talk by Maria Williams, for Sky Sunday.  Video provided with thanks to Maria and Project Reconnect.


Discussion starters from sermon/message


1. What was the most significant idea in this message?

2. When have you been aware of choking on your neighbour’s “exhaust” (metaphorical or literal)?

3. What difference does sharing in God’s Spirit make in your church community?

4. If air pollution is a spiritual matter, what can be done about it?



How the sky encourages us towards generosity, awe and humility.  With Miriam Pepper.


ALL AGES (2012)

The bower bird: an "all ages" parable.  Like the prodigal son, the satin bowerbird keeps wanting more and more until he takes even the blue sky, and then comes to his senses. Followed by a short personal reflection on "what is enough?".




A story about the Adelaide Ecofaith Community, which meets outside under the sky to remind itself of the uncontrollable nature of the God of all of life. A similar community met in Bellingen for a couple of years.


Jeremiah 4:23-28
Psalm 19:1-6
Philippians 2:14-18
Mark 15:33-39



The Earth mourns and the heavens turn black
The heavens declare the glory of God
In everything you do, act as children of God
Darkness fell across the land and Jesus died



word or pdf format 

LITURGY (2012)

Written specifically to accompany and introduce the 2012 video resources above.

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