Season of Creation- Mountains 2015

 A collection of videos to go with Mountain Sunday (September 27).

[[DOWNLOADING THE VIDEOS]]  If you dont have a video download manager, you can right click on the video and "save video url."  Then visit a site like and paste the url into the text box.  You will then be able to choose a download format.

New video resources for 2015 are shown first, followed by resources from 2012.




A short sermon by Rev Dr Mel Macarthur, for Mountain Sunday, based on focus reading Mark 16:14-18.  Mel is a retired minister living in Wentworth falls, with a passion for participating in and leading walking and cycling pilgrimages.  He is currently researching pilgrimage and autobiographical drama.  Video provided with thanks to Mel and Project Reconnect.


ALL AGES (2015)

A short all ages talk by Maria Williams, for Mountain Sunday.  Video provided with thanks to Maria and Project Reconnect.


Discussion starters from sermon/message


1. Why might “going into all the world” include remote places like Mount Solitary?

2. How might wilderness inform faith?

3. “Feeling small” is important to Mel. What are your thoughts about that?

4. Might Jesus have gone to Mount Solitary?



Lots of God stuff happens on mountains, but maybe only if they are hard to get to. And not all the God stuff is pleasant. Just ask the bewildered, doubtful disciples, and Jesus in the garden at the foot of the mountain. Despite the risks, let's take time to journey to the mountain - literally or metaphorically- to meet God.  With Jason John.



Jason and his kids made this movie just for fun after watching "Dude vs wild" on youtube. Maybe it's just silly. Maybe there is a lesson in it for all of us this mountain Sunday. If you find one, let us know by leaving a comment on youtube! We're stumped.


Isaiah 65:17-25
Psalm 48:1-11
Romans 8:28-39
Mark 16:14-18



The new Jerusalem
Mount Zion, God's holy mountain
Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ
Jesus tells the disciples to proclaim Good News to all creation



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Written specifically to accompany and introduce the video resources above.

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